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Boost 1.38 dependencies


Boost 1.40 has just been accepted into Debian, joining versions 1.39
and 1.38 already present.  Since we'd like to limit Debian to the
latest 2 boost releases [1], I'd like to have 1.38 removed.

The 5 packages in the "To:" line are the only ones that currently
build-depend specifically on one of the Boost 1.38 -dev packages.
Removing Boost 1.38 would break these packages.

To each of those maintainers: please check whether your package will
build with Boost 1.39 or 1.40.  Let me know soon if it cannot, as
otherwise I will request removal of 1.38 next week.

If possible, please consider using the unversioned -dev packages that
build against the default version of Boost, to avoid this issue in


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2009/03/msg00274.html

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