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Re: Package signing delays

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> (07/09/2009):
> What I personaally would like is that packages are generally
> uploaded within 24 hours after the buildd log is sent, and also they
> are generally uploaded within 3 days after the source package is
> uploaded / binNMU is requested (the second being more some "what it
> means to say the buildds are fast enough").

Sounds OK for kfreebsd-*, even if we only have a single buildd per
arch at this very moment.

> Does this sound sensible? (Obvious exceptions apply of course,
> that's why I've written generally.) (The goal of this mail is that
> (at the end of a possible discussion) we have the same expectations
> as in what we can expect and what not.)

Works for me. I'm usually backed up by Aurélien when I'm not around
for a whole day or so.


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