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Re: serveez: proposed update for stable and oldstable

On Mon, 2009-08-31 at 18:43 +0200, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> I've prepared a fix for a buffer overflow in serveez (Bug#540657), which
> affects both etch and lenny (the package is not in unstable or testing
> anymore), and have mailed the security team about it. I was told by Nico
> Golde:
>   Given the rather low count of serveez installations (4) and that this
>   is only one of the functional parts of serveez I propose to update
>   this via stable-proposed-updates. I think this doesn't deserve a DSA.
> I've attached the debdiffs for etch and lenny (which are pretty much
> identical):

Please go ahead.



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