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Incompatible change to Boost library names


Boost used to contain regular library names without an -st or -mt
suffix to indicate building for single- or multi-threaded use.

Boost 1.57/58 (if not earlier) switched to only providing libraries
with an -mt suffix.  This was fine, but did mean as an upstream I
was required to patch my packages to find the -mt library variants
and make sure my code was built with -pthread.

Boost 1.59 appears to have reverted this change:
% dpkg -L libboost-program-options1.39-dev | grep .so

still lists '-lboost_program_options-mt' as the name to use,

Is this change intentional, or just a bug in the 1.59 packaging?

Does this retain or break compatibility with other distributions
using Boost, and/or a stock build of Boost?

If it's intentional, I'm going to have to make (another) incompatible
change to my configure script to make my stuff build again :(
And it also means code can't build with any version prior to 1.59 once
you update your configure code.


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