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Stable update for python-support


I have prepared a python-support update targeted at the next lenny point

   * update-python-modules (create_dotpath):
     + Completely ignore lines starting with "import", as they would be
       executed by python upon startup.

It is just a backport of this change which was made for 0.8.6, which
fixes a very annoying bug triggered by some packages using some
completely brain-dead functionality of .pth files.

--- deb-maint/python-support/trunk/update-python-modules	2009/05/05 17:04:53	12975
+++ deb-maint/python-support/trunk/update-python-modules	2009/05/05 17:05:11	12976
@@ -186,6 +186,9 @@
     if f.endswith(".pth") and os.path.isfile(f):
       for l in file(f):
+        if l.startswith('import'):
+          # Do not ship lines starting with "import", they are executed! (complete WTF)
+          continue

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