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Re: planning directfb 1.4 transition

On Saturday 22 August 2009, Fathi Boudra wrote:
> This is an informative mail. I have uploaded DirectFB 1.4 to
> experimental. At some point, the transition could be started (after
> coordination with the related maintainers).
> I didn't tried myself to rebuild affected packages yet.

I've built cairo, gtk+2.0 and cdebconf (all from unstable) against it for 
a D-I test. The builds were all OK, but I see serious regressions in D-I.

In this screenshot you can see that our banner is missing:

And the same goes for icons, so basically any image.

Also, if I move the cursor using the arrow keys, it jumps one line. E.g. 
if I go down, the current line moves from Moldova to Montenegro and skips 
Monaco. I guess the same happens for selection between two radiobuttons, 
but there it actually results in the selection not changing at all 
(because there's nothing to skip).

I've verified that both issues are not present in a daily built image 
using current libraries from unstable. I'll file a bug against the 
experimental version of directfb later.

There's also a rather large size increase of a D-I image: a daily built 
image is 18458624, while one with the new directfb is 18905088; that's 


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