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Re: GNOME plans for the squeeze cycle

Le dimanche 16 août 2009 à 15:57 +0200, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> > * How many "big" transitions will the upcoming changes cause? When should those
> >   happen? Can we do something to make them easier?
> As for transitions per se, here are the ones already planned:
>       * evolution: the move from bonobo to D-Bus (planned for 3.0) will
>         certainly not go unnoticed for reverse dependencies, it’s
>         possible that even the API changes.
>       * at-spi: being completely revamped for 3.0. It has only 2 rdeps
>         which don’t belong into GNOME, however.
>       * libgda: new version waiting in NEW, API is incompatible.
>       * gnome-desktop, libgnomekbd, gucharmap, totem-pl-parser, libepc,
>         libgtop2, gtkhtml: you never know when there can be a new soname
>         bump in these.
>       * gnome-python-desktop and gnome-python-extras: the
>         python-gnome2-desktop and python-gnome2-extras binary packages
>         will soon be removed, expect a score of uninstallable
>         packages[2]. This way, we will be ready to shuffle source
>         packages if necessary when upstream decides what happens to all
>         deprecated modules.

You can add a transition which is larger than all of these together:
libpanel-applet is planned to be ported to D-Bus instead of bonobo. I
have no details currently since it hasn’t been implemented yet, but it
is likely to require source changes in all applets, meaning 50-60 source
packages in Debian.

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