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Release goal: Getting rid of unneeded *.la / emptying dependency_libs

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [090816 18:11]:
> [...]

After having some discussions on IRC yesterday, I propose the new
release goal to get rid of all unneeded *.la-files and emptying
dependency_libs otherwise (the second already has a good effect on
archive stableness and avoiding "funny" RC-bugs / FTBFS).

Currently we have (ignoring any files in /usr/lib/kde3, as they are
unfortunatly necessary, and always counting source packages even
though of course looked into binary packages on sid/i386) 1098
packages that contain *.la-files, where 856 have dependency_libs not
empty, and 421 packages are referenced by other *.la-files, i.e. 672
packages only contain leaf *.la-files (i.e.  not referenced by any

The idea is to ask all maintainers of the 672 packages to drop their
*.la-file unless really needed, and any maintainer of any package to
empty the dependency_libs. "Asking" includes both a mail to d-d-a and
individual bug reports (and a previous discussion on d-devel for the
mass bug filing). After the first packages have their *.la-file
dropped / dependency_libs removed, more packages can drop their
*.la-file, and we should end up only with the cases where we really
need the file.

To avoid new occurences a lintian-check would be good to see where we
have unneeded *.la-files or la-files with dependency_libs (and I try
to get that done at about the same time as I send the mail to d-d-a).


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