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Re: binutils bug

On 12.08.2009 18:44, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

  In wxwidgets2.8 we stumbled upon a nasty bug that is rooted in
binutils. It has to do with versioned symbols and the current binutils
in unstable notes them down differently than the one we have in lenny.
See the following bugreports about the issue: #540751 (#540060 and
#540674 are related bugs).

  We have several posibilities how to move forward from here:

-) Leave users for the time being with b0rked binary packages until
binutils is fixed and all affected libraries got rebuilt and all
depending packages got rebuilt, too.

-) Schedule binNMUs for the known affected libraries and packages in the
meantime, with another round of binNMUs after binutils got fixed.

  From what I understood at least pgadmin3 and padre are affected, at
least wxwidgets2.8 on amd64 is affected (and thus its depending packages
that were built before the last wxwidgets2.8 update). It shouldn't be
too hard to extract the informations, I just haven't got round yet to do
so and thought getting the informations to bigger attention is more
important right now (and besides that I rather have pretty tight
personal time schedule currently anyway).

  Would be nice to have any suggestion in what direction we want to head.

please could hep with the issue and forward the issue to upstream including the testcase?

thanks, Matthias

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