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libcdio transition


The new libcdio in still waiting in unstable, after 32 days, although 
all depending packages have been successfully rebuilt against it 
(according to https://buildd.debian.org/transitions/summary.html).
As far as I understand it, this is because some maintainers of depending 
packages (such as vlc) have uploaded new versions of their packages, 
which delays the whole transitions.

What's the preferred way to handle such situations nowadays?
* Should I send a message to all the maintainers of depending packages, 
asking them to refrain from uploading new versions of their packages?
* Can you force the new libcdio in testing, removing from testing the 
depending packages that are not ready yet for testing?
* Should we use t-p-u to help the transition with rebuilds of the 
version currenty in testing of all the depending packages against the 
new libcdio?



PS: please CC replies to me, as I am not subscribed to d-release.

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