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Re: first try at actions of suiteparse/openmpi transition (was: Re: SuiteSparse 3.2.0->3.4.0 transition)


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Can the RM team then please:
>  a) add a hint
> hint freemat/3.6+dfsg-8+b1 illuminator/0.11.0-3 hypre/2.4.0b-2 openmpi/1.3.2-4 lp-solve/ octave3.0/1:3.0.5-6+b1 octave3.0/1:3.0.5-6+b2 openoffice.org/1:3.1.0-5 petsc/3.0.0.dfsg-5 trilinos/9.0.3.dfsg-1 python-scipy/0.7.0-1+b1 pysparse/1.0.1-5.1 pysparse/1.0.1-5.1+b1 [2]
> (no idea about the correct version specifiers for bin-NMUs and what do to
> in the ocave3.0 case where different archs have different +bX)

please apply. The last package needing aging (mono) will become aged
this next nights (18->19.) testing run.

>  c) try to get petsc into a working/built state or just force in without...

Still holds. The previous suitesparse transition also was forced in,
with even more broken packages. So it does not make testing worse...


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