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Re: Please hint krb5 1.7 into testing and retain libkrb53 in testing

>>>>> "Luk" == Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

    Luk> Sam Hartman wrote:
> Hi.

    Luk> Hi

    >> This is an update on my message about the krb5 transition.
    >> Currently, if krb5 1.7 from unstable were to migrate into
    >> testing and if the libkrb53 binary package were maintained in
    >> testing (it disappears from the krb5 source package between
    >> testing and unstable), I believe we have high confidence that:
    >> 1) nothing would break

    Luk> I'm not so sure this is the case as I tried it last night and
    Luk> britney refused to transition it because of making packages
    Luk> uninstallable in testing. I guess that's because some
    Luk> packages that try to migrate together depend on krb5 already
    Luk> and are not installable...

*sigh* You need to maintain libdes425-3 in testing.  I thought
libkrb53 included both libkrb4.so.2 and libdes425.so.3, but it depends
on libdes425-3 for the second.
)(Sorry, there were multiple different breakdowns of this around)

If that's not it then then please read on; otherwise sorry for wasting
your time.

even if you manage to fix this with uploads to unstable, I'd like to
understand a bit more about what went wrong here.
I don't like it when I give people advice that might break things and thought I had very high confidence in my statement:-)

You tried to hint krb5 into testing while retaining the libkrb53
binarypackage  alrready in testing and something became uninstallable?

As I understand it: krb5 in unstable has no dependencies not in
testing.  I.E. krb5 can migrate alone unless the migration would break
something in testing.

Nothing conflicts with the krb5 in unstable.  I haven't actually
checked this, but it would be really strange for me not to know about.

krb5 in unstable satisfies all dependencies in testing except:
libkrb53, libdes425-3 and libkadm55 disappear.

libkrb53and libdes425-3 in testing can be installed with the krb5 in
unstable; unstable krb5 meets the libkrb53 dependencies in testing if
libdes425-3 is retained.

Nothing at all in testing depends on libkadm55.

So, unless it was libdes425-3, I'm really really confused.

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