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Re: Bug#531569: Fixing LaTeX in oldstable

Dear Luk, dear Release Managers,

On Do, 11 Jun 2009, Frank Küster wrote:
> I am right now uploading an again-installable tetex-bin to
> oldstable-proposed-updates (I hope that's correct?), and texlive-bin
> will follow soon. Both uploads have been built in etch pbuilder chroots,
> and have been tested to fix the problem.
> The changes are small, essentially only one patch file is added, and
> except for the changelog one file in debian/ is changed, namely the
> quilt series file (for tetex-bin) or the dpatch 00list file.  The
> patch is attached.
> Do we need to do anything else (besides fixing stable and sid, but that
> isn't urgent since the bug won't show up soon)?

sid will be fixed soon, but I have uploaded 
	texlive-bin	2007.dfsg.2-4+lenny1
to proposed-stable-updates which includes the same fix as tetex and
texlive-bin 2005 uploaded by Frank.

Best wishes


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