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Re: (partial) ghc6 6.10.3 library transition

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 02:28:32PM +0300, Kari Pahula wrote:
> I've just uploaded a new ghc6 version to unstable.  All Haskell
> libraries will need to be rebuilt against it.  The following Haskell
> libraries were built successfully against 6.10.1, so I'm fairly
> certain that they should just build with 6.10.3, too.

> I've updated some libraries to new upstream versions and made a
> sourceful upload of those.  Also, I'll need to review the glut binding
> and parsec a bit before updating those.  The rest are still built
> against 6.8 and the toolchain from back then, so they may not work.
> They'll probably need sourceful uploads.

Related, would the RM and haskell team OK a "dirty" upload
of ghc6 on armel (ie, built with the binutils from experimental)?
Why this would make sense:

1) It is only build-time dirtyness, the ghc6 built with newer binutils
should still run fine on clean sid
2) armel buildd's can start catching other archs rebuilding ghc6 based
apps and libs for ghc 6.10.3
3) current ghc6 isn't probably going to migrate to testing anytime soon
(unless we drop both ia64 and hppa support)
4) this means we don't need hurry with updating binutils in unstable.

The only disadvantage being that ghc6/armel in unstable will unbuildable
for some time being.

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