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stable-p-u: mdadm

Hey SRMs,

I just uploaded mdadm to s-p-u, here is the changelog

 mdadm ( stable-proposed-updates; urgency=low
   * Fix start/stop runlevels in header of mdadm monitor init.d script
     (closes: #514923)
   * Do not set -eu in the bugscript to maximise information output in the case
     of errors.
   * Make initramfs script depend on multipath to ensure its script is run
     before ours (closes: #516605).
   * Provide an alternative (postfix) for mail-transport-agent (closes:
     #522300). I chose postfix because that's the only one I could recommend,
     and since the alternative does not affect people who already have an MTA
     installed, or have a preference, it won't affect them.
   * Honour debconf pre-selection of mdadm/initrdstart (closes: #516802).
   * Make checkarray skip over arrays still marked auto-read-only
     (closes: #510641).
   * No longer pass -k to modprobe, which has been deprecated for a long time;
     thanks to Jan Hudec (closes: #519999).
   * Remove Mario Joußen from the uploaders list, since his email started

All changes are cherry-picked from the testing and unstable

Please accept.

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