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[SRM] Please accept installation-guide/20081208lenny1


I've uploaded an update for the Installation Guide for stable.
The changes from the previous version are not huge, but there have been a 
number of fixes, clarifications and additions, including new sections on 
accessibility support in D-I and improved documentation on installing 
alternative desktops. It also re-enables the Vietnamese translation which 
was not updated in time for the previous release.

Only 9 out of 15 translations were updated, but all are 100% translated as 
I've kept the previous version for those languages that were not updated. 
This does mean the diff is somewhat larger (3 languages needed to be 
converted from PO to XML for the upload), but I don't think that needs to 
be a problem for the manual.

Note that the website has already been rebuilt using this new upload.

Please accept installation-guide/20081208lenny1 for the next stable point 
release. This will be the only update for Lenny.


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