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Re: hppa in danger of being ignored for testing migration and

> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:34 PM, dann frazier <dannf@dannf.org> wrote:

> Yes the supplementary buildd had a major hardware failure today
> (SBA/LBA failures during last POST and now the GSP can't load PDC
> anymore. The machine is basically dead). I'm switching the hard drives
> to another box I have that I used elsewhere (not yet back online as
> the Debian kernel seems to have major trouble coping with PCI addon
> NICs - tulip and tg3 HPMC the machine on driver load), and I'm still
> hoping to get feedback on some hardware donation requests I've made a
> month or so ago.

My HP-UX 11.11 rp2470 suffered a similar failure this weekend...  It
dies copying the PDC after POST with an unknown system software failure.

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