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Re: About the current state of the Yum package in Lenny

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sorry that it took us so much time to make a working yum package,
> but we were quite overloaded with our work, taking over all the
> customers of another web hosting company (taking all our time doing
> support). Anyway, I could today take the time to upload a working
> version of yum. Here it is:
> ftp://ftp.gplhost.com/debian/dists/lenny/main/source/yum_3.2.21-1~gplhost1.dsc
> I guess you could notice that this is a newer upstream version. Please
> let me know if you think this would be an acceptable replacement to be
> sent in lenny proposed updates. At least, I'd be happy if somebody could
> NMU it to SID or experimental, so there's at least something working
> available in the archive.

I'm afraid it's too invasive to be included, though I would propose to
upload it to backports.org.



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