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Re: Dealing better with CD releases

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Luk Claes wrote:

Steve McIntyre wrote:
Hi folks,

At the moment we have problems when we do releases including new
CD/DVD images, as you'll see from mailing list complaints about broken
links each time. Simon Paillard and I had some discussion about this
today on #debian-www and I've come up with a workflow that will
improve things, I think (see 2c below). Please feel free to point out
what I've missed... :-)

1. The Problem

We generate new CDs and DVDs for each point release. These are
published in the release area of cdimage.debian.org[1]. The image
filenames and the top-level directory are versioned for clarity, and
we add a "current" symlink in the debian-cd directory that points to
the most recent version. We move old trees of images into the archive
area[2] as each new build is published, We then prune most of the old
ISO images so we don't waste too much space - older images can be
recreated in the future using jigdo if necessary.

   d. Other ideas?

Can't we link to the 'current' images on the webpages?

Then you can link to the directory with isos for a particular arch and type: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/

But not to an actual iso, due to the version number being included there:


/Mattias Wadenstein

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