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Re: Please binNMU gnome-main-menu 0.9.12-2

+ Luca Falavigna (Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:12:26 +0200):

> Hello,

Hello, Luca.

> Actually, gnome-main-menu and libslab0 from gnome-main-menu source
> packages are uninstallable on i386 and other architectures due to
> missing libgnome-desktop-2. A binNMU is required to fix this.

> nmu gnome-main-menu_0.9.12-2 . hppa i386 ia64 mipsel powerpc sparc . -m 'Rebuild against libgnome-desktop-2.7'

I’ll delay this a bit, because I want to migrate network-manager first,
and it’s marginally better if I don’t do this rebuild in unstable until
that happens.


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