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Re: Transition from libmysqlclient15 to libmysqlclient16

+ Norbert Tretkowski (Tue, 07 Apr 2009 11:05:05 +0200):

> Hi,

Hello, Norbert.

> I plan to move MySQL 5.1 from experimental to unstable really soon now,
> MySQL 5.0 will be dropped from Debian at the same time. This means 215
> packages need to be rebuild.

> There should be no changes necessary on these packages, a simple rebuild
> should do it.

libmysqlclient15 and libmysqlclient16 come from different packages, so I
guess this means mysql-dfsg-5.1 can migrate to testing while still
having mysql-dfsg-5.0 there, making the transition not as painful. There
is, however, the concern of libmysqlclient15 and libmysqlclient16
getting both loaded into a process’ space, oh well.

Anyway, if the above is correct, please let us know when you’ve uploaded
to unstable. If something’s wrong, please get back to us on that. By the
way, it’s 118 source packages that need a rebuild, which is always the
interesting figure, rather than the number of binary packages involved.


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