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emdebian-archive-keyring vs emdebian-tools

The udeb that was in the emdebian-tools source package <= 1.6.0 is now
in the emdebian-archive-keyring source package >= 1.8.0 in unstable.
Presumably, the same reasoning that led to emdebian-tools <= 1.6.0
being frozen with regard to migration into testing should actually
apply to the emdebian-archive-keyring source package and
the emdebian-tools source package unfrozen for versions higher than
1.8.0. Could that be updated please?

emdebian-tools cannot migrate into testing until the emdebian-rootfs
source package leaves NEW and emdebian-archive-keyring doesn't need to
migrate into testing at this point in time, so I don't need an unblock
for emdebian-archive-keyring 1.8.0, I'll ask for that with the 2.0.0

emdebian-archive-keyring >= 2.0.0 is not expected to be changed that
often - maybe once per Debian release cycle - so a one-off unblock for
2.0.0 will be fine, when the time comes.



Neil Williams

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