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Package is (will be?) orphaned, and we wish to take over maintainership


I hope that sending this as copy to debian-qa@lists.debian.org and
debian-release@lists.debian.org is the way to go and that this is not
disturbing some already busy lists. Forgive me if that is too much.

It seems that the maintainer of the package has not been seen since
2005, and that the co-maintainer is not interested in the package
anymore, as per:


In this, he wrote:

"I was only working on it on behalf of OLPC.  Since I'm no longer with
them, I don't really have any interest in working on it.  I would
suggest giving it to someone who has a use for it."

Barry deFreese told me on #debian-mentors that he "will orphan it shortly".

As the package is very important to us (we use it to bootstrap CentOS
VMs from a Xen dom0 and resell it to our customers), we wish to take
over maintainership. I am comfortable with Debian packaging, while my
employee, Manuel Amador, is comfortable with python and RPM things.

Together as a team, we will (hopefully) be able to maintain yum
correctly in Debian. We have created a specific email address for
communicating about the package, this forwards to rudd-o@rudd-o.com
(Manuel Amador's address) and thomas@goirand.fr (myself):


Please write to it for any concerns about the yum package in Debian.

I'll feel an ITA as soon as I see that the package is orphaned.

Last thing: we have prepared a new package with the latest version from
upstream (as the current one was really not working well, with lot's of
bad printing, and sometimes hanging for minutes doing nothing) in here:


Of course, we will change the version number, but as this is in our
repository for the moment, the version above is ok. Anyway, we would
need to close the ITA number, so we would need to update the package
whatever happens.

Thomas Goirand

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