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Re: Give-back of libgnomeuimm2.6 on armel and sparc

Deng Xiyue wrote:
> Hi Release Managers:
> Due to unmet dependency, libgnomeuimm2.6 FTBFS on armel, hppa and sparc,
> which should be satisfied by now.  Hppa is already building, so only
> give-back on armel and sparc is needed:
> gb libgnomeuimm2.6_2.24.0-2 . armel sparc
> Also, there's a spurious dep-wait on sparc for `libgnomemm-2.6-1c2 (>>
> 2.24.0-2)', which can't be met since the latest version of libgnomemm2.6
> is 2.24.0-2.  Don't whether the give-back will clear the dep-wait.  If
> that's not the case, please clear it.
> Thanks, and sorry for not catching this earlier.

No problem, given back.



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