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libdbi-ruby transition

libdbi-ruby is stuck in unstable because of package split. As of version
0.4.0 upstream has split all DBD drivers into separate packages, and
this was reflected in the Debian packaging. In libdbi-ruby 0.2.2 and
earlier, DBD packages were built from libdbi-ruby source, now they have
their own source packages:

libdbd-mysql-ruby 0.4.2-2
libdbd-odbc-ruby 0.2.4-2
libdbd-pg-ruby 0.3.7-2
libdbd-sqlite3-ruby 1.2.4-2

All these packages and libdbi-ruby 0.4.1-2 need to be migrated to
testing together, I believe this requires manual intervention from
release team.

Reverse depenencies of libdbi-ruby are samizdat, rails, and sisu.
Samizdat and SiSU are compatible with the DBI version in unstable, and
Rails no longer uses DBI, so this dependency will be removed from rails
package in the next upload.

Dmitry Borodaenko

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