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Re: library transition proposal libosip2 (was: library transition proposal libortp/ liblinphone)

Hi Dato,

On Saturday 07 March 2009 21:01:00 Adeodato Simó wrote:
>   * in the first place, regarding liblinphone3 and libortp8, only
>     linphone depends on them in testing (and are in fact provided by the
>     same linphone source package), so any time you want to do this
>     transition is fine, as long as it's done before KDE4 is uploaded
>     to unstable.

OK I'm keen to upload now, but would prefer to upload after libosip2-4 hits 
experimental as otherwise linphone would require a rebuild.

>   * secondly, regarding libosip2-4, it is indeed a very small
>     transition, though it would get itself tied to the ffmpeg transition
>     via linphone. Can you upload it to experimental first to check
>     everything rebuilds fine?

libosip2-4 has been in experimental since Nov (3.2.0).  There is a new 
upstream release available (3.3.0) but that doesn't change soname, so no 
transition necessary, unless I upload the new upstream to unstable. rdepends 
are bayonne & siproxd & linphone which are all good to go.  Of course bayonne 
is also tied to the libcommoncpp2 transition ;-) But I think that is almost 
clear now.

>   * finally, does the new linphone fix the FTBFSes that can be seen at
>     https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/package.php?p=linphone? And,
>     can it be uploaded without uploading libosip2-4 unstable (in case
>     we'd need to do that)?

Yes the new linphone fixes the FTBFS and does build correctly with libosip2-3.

However don't we want to sequence the rdepends sourceful uploads in the 
correct order to minimise the revisiting of binNMUs.  If I upload linphone 
without first clearing libosip2-4, then I will need to request a binNMU for 
linphone later.  Or am I missing something?

> Thanks in advance for your answers and for contacting us, and for
> patiently waiting our response.

A guide/ howto would be useful for this new way of working. As I couldn't find 
this new process documented anywhere.

Something like a library transition howto:

1. soname bump?  check with debian-release - await ack.
2. upload rdepends in sequence, await NEW & builds on all archs until the next 
sequence is complete. upload next rdepends. cycle on 2 until all sourceful 
uploads complete
3. request bunNMU for non sourceful uploads
4. feel free to upload to experimental at any time.


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