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Re: Dep-waits for libgnomemm2.6

* Deng Xiyue [Mon, 02 Mar 2009 18:03:24 +0800]:

> Hi Release Team:

> As libgnome is built but not yet uploaded on alpha, powerpc and sparc
> (which I should've noticed if not looking at a wrong page), plus
> libgnomemm2.6 doesn't has versioned depend on libgnome in sid, a
> dep-wait might be required to avoid FTBFS:

> dw libgnomemm2.6_2.24.0-2 . alpha powerpc sparc . -m "libgnome2-dev (>= 2.24.1-2)"

Done for alpha and sparc, thanks. powerpc got uploaded in the meantime.

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