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More give-backs on alpha


Here are some more packages which should build fine because
Build-Dependencies are now available on alpha:

gb ldtp_1.5.0-1 . alpha
gb me-tv_0.7.14-1 . alpha
gb tracker_0.6.90-2 . alpha

And here are some failures I cannot reproduce, maybe they worth try a
give-back too:

gb fportfolio_280.74-1 . alpha
gb libalien-wxwidgets-perl_0.42-1 . alpha
gb libwx-perl_0.89-1 . alpha
gb pynifti_0.20090205.1-1 . alpha

Time needed to build them on a slower machine than goetz:

> fportfolio_280.74-1-alpha-20090227-2213
Build needed 00:02:20, 2748k disk space
> libalien-wxwidgets-perl_0.42-1-alpha-20090227-2137
Build needed 00:01:26, 1500k disk space
> libwx-perl_0.89-1-alpha-20090227-2107
Build needed 00:18:49, 95776k disk space
> pynifti_0.20090205.1-1-alpha-20090227-2207
Build needed 00:04:42, 12936k disk space


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