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Re: I'd consider this bug very serious

Hello all,

Adeodato Simó [2009-02-05 14:02 +0100]:
> If I'm not mistaken, you're a PostgreSQL-savy persion, so in the absence
> of the maintainer's opinion, I think it's appropriate to take your assessment
> on the severity of this bug.

It doesn't match "grave" in the text book sense of the Debian Policy,
in that it doesn't completely render the package useless for
everybody. But I agree that it breaks things pretty badly for the
users who have such setups; sorry for that bug, I didn't think of this
when I implemented it.

> We're very close to the tentative release date, so if you care about
> this bug, it's going to be critical that you (or somebody who also cares)
> contacts the maintainer, who should verify the correctness of the proposed
> patch (fortunately the package is arch:all).

TBH this is not really the time to fiddle with it, for Lenny I'd just
back out the original change completely. The check was introduced to
help users who misconfigured their clusters to run on the same port,
and thus got hangs on shutdown, etc. But that's not anywhere near a
grave problem.

I'll upload a package with that change backed out, and no other
changes, in some minutes. Then I'll reopen the original bug for
unstable, and think about a proper solution (which might be Bernd's
patch, or some completely redesigned approach) for experimental and



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