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Pre-approval for wide-dhcpv6 t-p-u upload

Hello Release Team,

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 04:42:45PM +0100, Jérémie Corbier wrote:
> A grave bug was reported against wide-dhcpv6 earlier today [0].  The fix is
> really simple [2] and I already prepared a package.  The thing is the current
> version in unstable (20080615-3) has quite a lot of changes compared to the one
> in testing (20080615-1).  Therefore I prepared a testing package [1] and I ask
> for permission to upload it via t-p-u.

I kinda screwed up big time with the previous fix and totally broke the DHCPv6
client, which I did not notice since I only tested the server before asking for

Long story short, a -1lenny2 package is ready and thoroughly tested (client,
server and relay).  It is available at:


and I would like to be allowed to upload it to t-p-u since wide-dhcpv6-client in
its current state in testing is completely unusable.

Sorry about the noise.


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                                  ANSI C, it isn't worth doing.'' 
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