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Re: python-cairo+python-pygame work with default python in lenny?

* Thomas Viehmann [Tue, 13 Jan 2009 23:30:30 +0100]:

> tag 481506 patch

> Hi,

> apologies for lobbying for my pet peeves to be fixed in lenny, but the
> attached python script (taking from upstream python-cairo 1.6.4[1],
> needing python-pygame and python-cairo to be installed) works with
> python 2.4 as is but not with the default python (2.5). Applying the
> attached diff improves the situation making this also work with python
> 2.5. Some gory details below.

> While the bug severity is set to "normal", the error message is somewhat
> opaque and searching the internet only reveals some "maybe we should fix
> this" comment, so the Debian user's experience might be improved by
> eliminating the need for the search. If this is interesting enough for
> people to upload and later unblock...

Thanks for caring, unblocked.

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