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Re: apache2: binNMU, t-p-u and maybe s-p-u uploads

* Luk Claes [Sat, 17 Jan 2009 15:19:31 +0100]:

> >> first, please binNMU apache2-mpm-itk to build against apache2-src 
> >> 2.2.11-2. 

> > I will binNMU in unstable using +b7, so that +b6 remains available for
> > Lenny. Hm, while I'm at it, why don't I use +b20 for unstable, so that
> > we have room in Lenny (even after released) for binNMUs for as long as
> > apache2-mpm-itk doesn't get a sourceful upload in unstable?

> Because it's only supported till +b9 ...

As discussed on IRC, wanna-build took +b20 on amd64 happily, as well as
dak. I've gone ahead and scheduled +b20 in unstable for the rest of

Stefan: seen the t-p-u upload, will upload its binNMUs tomorrow.

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