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Re: [Pkg-hpijs-devel] Bug#490640: hp-scan: Aborts with a traceback when trying to scan.

severity 490640 serious
merge 512250 454117

On Saturday 17 January 2009 19:58:25 Leif Hornsved wrote:
> I've noticed a small problem with the latest change, version 2.8.6.b-4
> of hplip. It now depends on libsane, 


Thanks for your update to this bug report.

This is actually a release critical issue with hplip/2.8.6.b-3 in that it 
isn't linked with libsane. The missing link breaks scanning for all users of 
hplip. A core piece of functionality for hplip.

The upload of hplip/2.8.6.b-4 fixes this and hplip now correctly links with 
libsane and thus allows users of hplip to perform scanning as advertised.

debian-release.  Could you consider this an unfreeze request for 
hplip/2.8.6.b-4 as linking against libsane is critical for the correct 
functioning of hplip.


> which means I get 14 MB of unnecessary packages.

Unfortunately the way hplip is packaged upstream it isn't trivial to separate 
the scanning from the printing functionality. It maybe possible, by moving  
/usr/lib/python-support/hplip/python2.5/scanext.so to it's own package, but 
I'm certainly not going to attempt this so deep into the lenny freeze.

At one point the hpijs package was arranged for those with a printing only 
requirement and hplip was aligned for both printing/ scanning.  But this isn't 
possible at present (See Bug #454117)

> libsane is 10 MB. By breaking some
> recommendations (not installing avahi-daemon etc) I can reduce it from
> 14 extra packages to 4 packages and about 11 MB. I don't use a scanner
> and I don't think I have any use of avahi-daemon.

Recommendations are certainly not necessary for any package functionality, 
thus you can safely remove those packages.  However this still does mean you 
need to keep the libsane libs in the current package configuration.


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