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please unblock iwatch 0.2.1-3


please unblock iwatch 0.2.1-3. The changes are minimal. The
typo fix in /etc/iwatch/iwatch.xml is very important because
otherwise the mails aren't sent to user root at all (which is a core
functionality of iwatch). Full changelog:

   * Fix typo in /etc/iwatch/iwatch.xml, thanks to Hagen Fuchs for
     spotting. [Closes: #501738]
   * Add Vcs headers.
   * Bump Standard-Version to 3.8.0 (no further changes).
   * Drop Homepage from Long Description (thanks, Rhonda).
   * Add debian/watch file (thanks, Rhonda).
   * Drop lintian overrides, readd DEBHELPER to maintainer scripts
     (thanks again, Rhonda).

thx && regards,

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