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ghc6 includes a copy of GMP, with GNU docs, with non-free GFDL docs

I have a problem.

I found a copy of GMP included with ghc6, with GNU documentation with
GFDL docs with invariant sections.

The usual thing to do would be to repackage the upstream tarball and
slap on a +dfsg1 on the version.  However, that would make it
necessary to rebuild all haskell libraries since they all have a
dependency "ghc6 (< 6.8.2+)".

Argh.  Not a transition I'd like to see at this point.  Is there some
route to just replace ghc6_6.8.2.orig.tar.gz with one that didn't have
gmp-4.2.1.tar.gz in it?  That shouldn't make anything FTBFS or
anything.  Other than that, as much as I hate to suggest it, could we
use lenny-ignore for #511756?

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