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freeze exception for klavaro

Please consider klavaro-1.1.8 for Lenny.

3 new translations were added: Urdu, Vietnamese and Bangla (Bengali).
Also many little bugs were fixed, as seen above:

2008-12-07 Felipe Castro (-) <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>; Petr Machata (>)

	* Release 1.1.8:
	- Localization for Vietnamese;
	- Localization for Bangla/Bengali;
	- Using 'libcurl' instead of 'wget' and 'ftp-upload' (simpler and
	- Enabling font selection also at the introduction of any tutor
	- Avoid duplication of users in the contest rankings;
	- Re-enabled logging the progress for the velocity module;
	- Unlimiting word lenght for the velocity module;
	> Improved loading dictionaries for the velocity module;
	> Fixed loading intro texts to enable long UTF-8 files;

2008-10-16  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.7:
	- Localization support for United Kingdom and specific Dvorak layout
	- Logging the keyboard layout name to the fluidness contest.
	- Delay that keeps the blinking cursor on, at each keypress;
	- Now the program recognizes any 'en_XX' locales at the first
	running and assigns 'C' to it.
	- Some orthographics corrected.
	- Tutor comments about performance try to be less rude.
	- Least number of chars to enter the fluidness rankings now is 500.

2008-09-20  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.6:
	- Urdu localization support.
	- German translation was updated and completed.
	- Long-hifen chars in the German fluidness texts were substituted
	by normal ones.
	- Very long paragraphs in fluidness exercises was crashing (now the
	limit increased to 9000 bytes/paragraph).
	- Avoiding capitalization of lower case accented letters for some
	keyboards (e.g. French).
	- The font for informative instructions are now the same as those
	configured for the tutor lessons.
	- Blinking color of cursor now is black foreground over light yellow
	background and its frequency is slower.
	- Scrolling is being anticipated by one line, before reaching the
	bottom of tutor window.
	- Simpler number generation in the adaptability challenges.

2008-09-04  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.5:
	- French translation.
	- Japanese keyboard layout: "qwerty_jp".
	- Debug code for unreadable .ksc files.

2008-08-17  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.4:
	- Eliminated dependence on the utility "dos2unix".
	- man-file to klavaro_helper.

2008-08-10  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.3:
	- Avoid so many records per user in the rankings.
2008-07-25  Felipe Castro <emejlo-klavaro@yahoo.com.br>
	* Another release, 1.1.2:
	- Expanded informations about scoring was messed up when not using
	the "C" locale.
	- In the source code, the "ifdefs" with "G_UNIX_OS" were corrected to
	- Try hard to make the score files writable for all users.
	- Updated translation: Hungarian.
	- Expanded the drag and drop capability: now it's possible to drop also
	text files, as icons from some file managers (tested with Konqueror).

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