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Request for unfreeze of goobox 2.0.0-5: pure documentation/l10n

during upgrade tests I noticed that a feature previously not working
(--version output) now works in goobox (2.0.0-4 as present in
testing). In this upload I only fixed the man page to mirror that,
updated the German man page translation accordingly, updated a few
programm translations from upstream SVN and added a colon in the
last changelog entry to please linitian, i.e. this upload does not
touch any code.

The full changelog:

 goobox (2.0.0-5) unstable; urgency=low
   * L10n & documentation upload targetting Lenny
   * --version now displays the version, fix man page
   * Unfuzzy German man page translation
   * Update Basque translation from upstream SVN
   * Update Czech translation from upstream SVN
   * Add missing colon to please lintian

This is a pure documentation/l10n upload and hence should be 
acceptable for an unfreeze.

Could you allow 2.0.0-5 into Lenny once it built on all architectures?

If you need more information do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks & A good start in 2009



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