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Re: dietlibc: diff for NMU version 0.31-1.2

Simon McVittie wrote:
> tags 508397 + patch
> thanks
> I've prepared an NMU for dietlibc (versioned as 0.31-1.2) and uploaded it
> to unstable. As mentioned above I've verified the syscalls made via
> strace on i386, amd64 and alpha. On ia64, strace produces strange output
> for both glibc and dietlibc, but I've verified that my trivial umount
> can unmount with no flags and with MNT_DETACH (which is umount -l), and
> that the presence or absence of the MNT_DETACH flag does make it through
> to the kernel.
> I've also verified that util-vserver builds against my dietlibc on 4
> architectures (i386, amd64, alpha and ia64), so once the buildds have
> woken up, this should unblock util-vserver's migration to testing.
> Release team, please consider letting dietlibc 0.31-1.2 migrate. Also,
> compilation of util-vserver on ia64 will need to be retried once my dietlibc
> becomes available to the buildd (let me know if I need to ping you later about
> this).


dep-wait set, so no need to ping about that later.



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