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Re: Bug#508271: [djvulibre] Please give back djvulibre/3.5.21-3 on arm, mipsel, sparc

(Sending again for d-r@, typo in the list address the first time;
Bastien and the bug were in To/Cc of the initial mail.)

Bastien ROUCARIES <roucaries.bastien@gmail.com> (11/12/2008):
> Package: djvulibre
> It is a bug in convert, cloned and annotated correctly

We had “Blocking bugs of 508271 added: 508443”.

AFAICT, the blocking bug (#508443) has been fixed, and fixed packages
are available in unstable as well as in testing. I guess there's no
valid reason to keep this bug (#508271) open, now? (Assuming missing
archs now build fine, of course.)

Missing builds: arm, mipsel, sparc according to rmadison. Would be:

    gb djvulibre . arm mipsel sparc

Thanks for your time.


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