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Re: gcc-4.3 update for lenny

Matthias Klose schrieb:
> There are some more regressions fixed on the gcc-4_3-branch.  At least
> for some of those we should consider an update. I scanned the branch
> for wrong-code regressions with -O2/-O3 and prepared an update at [1].
> No regressions found in the testsuite on i386 and powerpc.  The
> alternative could be an update to the current gcc-4_3-branch as found
> in experimental; no regressions in the testsuite, the code in this
> state gets more attention upstream, and I didn't see any regressions
> with these updates in Ubuntu (intrepid and jaunty, subset of archs).
> Proposing to upload the packages at [1] now, and (after migration to
> testing) upload the packages from experimental to unstable.  Uploads
> of gcj-4.3 and gnat-4.3 should follow the gcc-4.3. uploads.

[1] http://people.debian.org/~doko/gcc/4.3/

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