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Please unblock kerberos-configs/1.22

I uploaded kerberos-configs 1.22 to unstable last night.  Here is the

  * Suppress errors from dnsdomainname when attempting to find a default
    for the local realm.  (LP: #296719)
  * Set the default Kerberos v4 realm in the template to ATHENA.MIT.EDU
    instead of a bogus value, following the practice for krb5.conf.
    This setting is only used if determining the default realm during
    configure fails.
  * Translation updates:
    - Italian, thanks Luca Monducci.  (Closes: #508191)

The first and second changes fix problems when dnsdomainname fails or
returns an empty string.  It hasn't been reported in Debian yet, but the
Ubuntu folks have been having a lot of problems with this and I'm
concerned that Debian live CDs will as well in some situations.  The fix
is very easy (just allow for dnsdomainname to fail).

The second change ensures that if we can't determine or prompt for the
local Kerberos v4 realm, the system gets a valid realm value instead of an
invalid placeholder value.  This change won't affect anything else about
the package.  The postinst doesn't care what the first line of the
krb.conf file is.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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