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Re: Request freeze exception for pastebinit 0.10-2

Rolf Leggewie <foss@rolf.leggewie.biz> (29/12/2008):
> I have prepared a minimal patch to fix bug 499410 in pastebinit and
> uploaded the 0.10-2 release to mentors.debian.net so that it can be
> included in the upcoming stable release of debian.

You didn't document you bumped S-V. I'd suggest dropping it, as well as
the second line of your changelog entry. I can upload it to unstable
once that done, if the release team agrees it's fine for lenny.

> Pastebinit upstream has released version 0.11 yesterday.  But before I
> push that into unstable, I'd like to see 0.10-2 migrate into testing
> so  that bug 499410 is not in the stable release.

You still can put the new upstream in experimental if you want it in


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