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I just did a diffstat on the two libwebkit-1.0-1 source packages in question.

$ debdiff webkit_1.0.1-4.dsc webkit_1.0.2~pre.svn37878-1.dsc | diffstat
 3832 files changed, 193186 insertions(+), 1006263 deletions(-)

Egad, that's a lot of differences.

I have a feeling that the libwebkit currently in sid and lenny is pretty broken, from the looks of this bug.

Dear Debian-Releasers,

Is there any way that this library can be permitted to enter testing with all these changes?

Perhaps the webkit maintainers can offer an explanation for all these changes, but with the changes so numerous, I imagine that would be difficult.

If not, and the Debian Releasers insist that this can't flow into Lenny without that explanation, I believe the maintainers have three choices:

* Find the fix for this issue and backport it on top of 1.0.1-4
* Remove libwebkit-1.0-1 from lenny
* Simply allow lenny to release with 1.0.1-4 that is this broken.

The last one is a real option, as I understand things, and one could offer a newer libwebkit e.g. in "backports" once Lenny ships.

Dear maintainers, what is your plan? At least if you say "Choice 3" we'll stop bothering you.

Removing libwebkit-1.0-1 from lenny is also somewhat reasonable, if somewhat tragic.

Finding the patch and backporting it is best, but it's an open question as to if that's worth doing.

-- Asheesh.

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