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Re: Please unblock dkimproxy 1.0.1-8

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi there!
> dkimproxy currently in Lenny has a file conflict with python-dkim. They
> both ship a /usr/bin/dkimverify that doesn't exactly do the same thing.
> This new release of the Debian package renames the dkimproxy
> /usr/bin/dkimverify to /usr/bin/dkimproxy-verify, and updates the
> manpages accordingly.
> Also in this release, a patch given from the upstream author that
> corrects a nasty bug: dkimproxy was reporting failed signature when
> syslogd was down. The patch is included in upstream version 1.1, and I
> have included it in 1.0.1-8 as I thought it was quite a bad thing to
> keep it in Debian.
> Please unblock dkimproxy 1.0.1-8 asap so both problems can be corrected.




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