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Re: Please allow controlaula 1.3.1-1 into lenny

José L. Redrejo wrote:
> The version in Debian has two kind of changes:
> - For the debianization:
>   - fixes a grave error that avoided upgrades of the packages due to the
> included daemon restarting and trying to restart udev & hal when
> upgrading
>   - Change the way the application behaves when using local apps inside
> a ltsp environment. This change is made to use the same mechanism ltsp
> has recently adopted to use local apps.
> - For the new new upstream version: includes a minor fix to improve the
> application behaviour when working inside an ltsp environment
> Attached are the diffs for the debianization (debian.diff file) and the
> upstream version (upstream.diff file). 
> There is no package depending on ControlAula. Only a suggests from the
> education-desktop-other. Thus, these changes don't affect to any other
> package in the archive and make small, but important improvements for
> controlaula users.




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