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Re: splashy: Splashy fails to install due to missing default theme

On sam, 2008-12-13 at 20:36 -0500, Eric Price wrote:
> CC-ing debian-release because I think they'll need to be involved with
> the upgrade.
> I experienced the same problem; it's a variant of #501315, and fixed
> in sid except for the upgrade path.  

No, desktop-base needs to be upgraded to 5.0.3 (which handles more
correctly the upgrade path from etch). But I'm waiting for the
pre-approval by release team.

> It's caused by desktop-base
> expecting /etc/splashy/themes to be a directory and splashy making it
> a symlink.  The sequence of operations is:

I don't want to argue, but it's caused by splashy
transforming /etc/splashy/themes from a directory to a symlink without
any warning to people using it.


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