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Few unblocks targetting RC2 of d-i

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Hello RM folks,

Here goes a small set of unblocks for RC2:

 unblock ppp
 unblock openssh

There are few things we need to discuss and decide. We're preparing
RC2 and we would like to avoid another RC if possible so we need to
consider GPL regarting availability of the specific source code.

The packages that are included on initrd needs to be kept in sync
between d-i and lenny. If any of those packages is uploaded we need
another RC release to sync with it.

On today's sid packages the packages we need to decide are:

 - cairo (looks OK but needs to be build in all arches)

There're other packages that are suitable for lenny, specially
lvm2. We have no objection from d-i POV for it to go and is up to RM
team to decide about it.

Others need to be unblock all together to avoid breaking d-i RC1
images. I'll prepare a list once we decide about the above issues.


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