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arpack: unfreeze request


arpack was removed from lenny and sid because of non-free clauses in its
license, see bug 491794 for details.  Note this bug was filed after the
freeze.  It is an important scientific computation package for parallel
linear system analysis which is in etch.

Recently upstream changed its license so it is DFSG-free.  I built and
uploaded it with minimal changes, and it is now in unstable.

I think that because arpack is in etch and is used by many prominent
programs, such as the Elmer finite element multiphysics package, it
should really be part of the lenny release.  Furthermore, this would
"reward" upstream for changing the license at the request of Debian

Therefore please un-freeze arpack so it can transition into testing and
release with lenny.

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subscribed to debian-release.]

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