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Version checks between suites


recently some version checks between suites got enabled in dak. This is
good, because we've been suffering several cases of "maintainer gets
t-p-u version wrong, and then ftpmaster needs to come and help". With a
version check in place that prevents uploads to t-p-u whose version is
greater than unstable, all is well.

However, as it seems, the check is being applied to binary-only uploads,
which is not correct. Imagine the following scenario:

  * package foo has version "1.1-1" in unstable; it is built in all
    arches, and then it propagates to testing

  * maintainer uploads "2.0-1" to unstable; it builds everywhere, except
    alpha and hppa

  * a RC bug is discovered that affects 1.1-1 in testing; version 2.0-1
    is unaffected, however, the alpha and hppa FTBFSes are very tricky
    to solve

  * a patch for the RC bug exists, so we upload 1.1-1+lenny1 to t-p-u;
    this upload is accepted, because 1.1-1 << 1.1-1+lenny1 << 2.0-1

  * however, when the binaries for alpha and hppa are uploaded to t-p-u,
    they are (currently) rejected, because their version is greater than
    the version in unstable (foo is at 1.1-1 for alpha and hppa in
    unstable because of the FTBFS)

  * the desired outcome is that 1.1-1+lenny1 binaries for alpha and hppa
    are accepted into t-p-u; if ftpmaster so wants, they can be
    propagated as well to unstable, but the important bit is that they
    should not be rejected.


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