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Re: please remove quassel from lenny ...

* Thomas Mueller [Mon, 01 Dec 2008 22:13:33 +0100]:

> Hi,

> I am the Maintainer of the quassel packages.

> Due to the fact that the current package in lenny is totally out dated, I'd 
> like to ask you to remove the package from lenny.

> Why?
> The lenny-package contains 0.2~rc1, which is just the release candidate.
> Before 0.2 was finished Lenny entered the frozen zone.

> I cannot guarantee to maintain a release candidate during the whole life time 
> of Lenny.

Ok, removed.

> Sorry for the inconvinience - I'll try better with Squeeze! ;-)

Thanks to you for not letting Lenny release with (more) crap.

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